"...like a game of pick up sticks, played by fucking lunatics..."

30 November 1984
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I am a small town girl from Fairbanks Alaska.
I am an idealist. a conservationist, a bit of an environmentalist. I have been accused before of being a tree hugging granola.
I am a dreamer, and a hoper.
I am Wiccan and have been for many years, I have strong leanings towards eastern religions.
I am slightly obsessive in my thirst for religous knowledge.
I am an activist. Woman rights, Reproductive rights, Gay rights, Separation of church and state, Student Rights, Freedom of religion rights. Are just a few of the things I feel very strongly about.
I am a vegetarian.
I am bisexual.
I am a sister, a daughter, a lover, and a friend.
I believe world peace is obtainable.
I pleasure in simple things.
I love old forgotten houses, objects, furniture, places and photo albums.

Marriage is love.

doula is love
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Vegetarianism is compassion